Sahasrara and Crown chakra

This energy center is responsible for our connection to spirit and our senses of universal consciousness, wisdom and unity. The association with violet reflects the Crown chakra’s connection to spirituality, enlightenment and spirituality.

The Crown chakra stores energy that has been accumulated through good thoughts, actions, faith, meditation, and prayer. This is where we can transcend the physical world and connect with the divine. Sahasrara was created to have an intimate relationship with all things.

The Crown Chakra’s Key Elements

  • Sahasrara –Thousand flowers
  • Element The element that is associated with Sahasrara Chakra is thought.
  • The crown chakra is located on the crown of the head or just slightly above the crown. It radiates upward. Because it is so close to the brain, the nervous system and the brain, its location makes sense. Sahasrara is primarily associated with the pituitary and pineal glands. The hypothalamus, pituitary and thyroid glands work together to regulate the hormone system (all biological processes in the Body). The seventh chakra is connected to the first chakra energetically. They are the bookends of our chakra system.
  • Emotional Body: Devotion and inspiration come from the Crown chakra. Your Crown chakra may have messages for you that lead to extraordinary dreams…
  • Mental Body When working with the Crown chakra, we shift our attention away from ourselves and to the world around us. You might ask yourself: How do I connect to the world? What can I do to be clear about my role in the world? How can I serve the world better?

Signs and symptoms of imbalances

We’ve seen in previous chakra articles that stress can affect anybody’s level, including the physical, mental and emotional. It can lead to a slowdown, stagnation, or complete overload. A Sahasrara chakra imbalance can cause confusion, distraction, loss of focus, feeling disconnected from the Body or world, and hyper spiritualization (too many meditations). 

Checklist to the Crown Chakra

  • Connect! Connect!
  • Find the power within. Realizing that we are responsible for what we create helps us become happier, healthier, and less reactive.
  • Learn from your mistakes and illusions. Find meaning in physical and emotional obstacles, but don’t let them get in the way of learning.

How to balance your Crown chakra?

You may feel more relaxed by balancing your Crown chakra. Mentally, seeing the world around us brings calmness and clarity. A deeper connection to the spiritual realm can be achieved through a greater synergy between the mental and physical worlds. You can find ways to achieve equilibrium on and off the mat.

Yoga poses for Sahasrara chakra

These targeted yoga poses will help you balance your energy center.

  • Supported headstand (Salamba Sirsasana).
  • Plough (Halasana).
  • Supported Shoulderstand – Salamba Sarvangasana
  • Lotus (Padmasana).
  • Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana –
  • Reclining Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana).

Chantra mantras and sound vibrations

Om is the Kundalini Bija mantra. Chanting Om (pronounced AUM) works on the vibrational frequency associated with the Crown chakra. Breathe in, and then exhale. The sound OM is made by vibrating the air. This mantra is powerful and represents the essence of the ultimate reality.

Mudra to the seventh chakra: The Mudra of a Thousand Petals

Sit up straight in a comfortable sitting position. To form a pyramid-shaped shape, touch your thumbs and index fingers together. Let the fingers extend upwards, but keep them straight. This mudra should be about 6 inches above your head.

Thought refers to the quality of Crowns Chakra

Find the infinite within and be one with it. Asana, or working with the crown chakra’s top, is a wonderful way to clear it. Tightness and stagnation can surface when we focus on our bodies. It is possible to learn to be patient and observe the Body without judgment and begin to see the deeper meanings, connections, and lessons revealed. Then, it becomes easier to let go and allow the body to move on. We find freedom as a result. This freedom allows us to connect deeply with everyone, as the Crown Chakra.

Meditation for Sahasrara chakra

This chakra is represented by violet. It can be visualized as a glowing halo above your head during meditation or relaxation. Imagine the radiant light with your eyes closed. It will pulse as you breathe in and out. Your awareness will rise into a column of light shining back into your eyes. To fill your entire Body, draw it in through the crown. Then, encase yourself in a shining violet spotlight as you meditate on the crown.

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