Swadhisthana chakra yoga poses and tips

Do you ever feel that your life is in constant flux or change? Are you out of balance? Are you feeling overwhelmed by guilt or emotion? You may not be this drama queen personification. Your sacral Chakra may be imbalanced.

Take a look at the energy center and discover how to channel your creative energies.

What is Swadhisthana chakra?

The sacral Chakra or swadhisthana is located in the region of the genital and kidney. It is the Chakra that governs creativity, pleasure, and sex. It also controls control, morality, and procreation. Here, dreams, fantasies, and emotions are based. Water is its element, which is fluid, cleansing, and adaptable.

Balanced Sacral Chakra

You can flourish as a human being if your swadhisthana is balanced. You are intuitive, romantic, and sensitive. You accept change, can adapt to it, and you have a good sense of humor. You are creative and have healthy dreams.

A Sacral Chakra that is not balanced

A chakra imbalance can cause a constant flux of emotions, an inability or unwillingness to set boundaries, and a tendency for dramatic and emotional behavior. You may experience feelings of guilt, lust, or betrayal.

The sweetness of life is hard to taste. It seems that nothing is good enough. You feel like you don’t have a choice, are unable to change, and lack initiative. This can cause aggression, false emotions, denying pleasure, and fear of sexual activity.

An imbalance of this Chakra can have a variety of effects on the body. It is linked to the reproductive, cardiovascular, and renal organs.

Here, you can find diseases like atherosclerosis, varicose veins, anemia and kidney/bladder problems, menstrual disorders, impotence, etc.

How can we tap into the energy of this center?

Visual: A lotus flower has six petals. This is the visible manifestation of swadisthana. Orange is the color associated with it. Start by examining the six orange petals of the lotus. Next, move your gaze to the crescent-white moon.

This is the moon, which controls the water and tides. It’s the element of swadhisthana. Look at the animal next, the crocodile, which has a tail that resembles a snake. In Indian culture, he’s associated with the Ganga (the personification of the river Ganges). Look at the Sanskrit word VAM.

Essential oils: Frankincense is a powerful oil that can be used to remove growth-blocking energies and provide tranquil insight. Patchouli deters dreamy meditation. Jasmine connects the creativity of the sacral Chakra with love (heart) and spirituality. Sweet marjoram lifts guilt. Cypress can help you move on from a major change in your life.

Diet: Drinking water, herbal teas, and juices helps the kidneys cleanse and balance your body’s element of water. Sweet fruits such as apples, pears, and figs are good for you. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, and watercress also help.

Movement Hula dancing and yoga asana will support your swadisthana. Enjoy your movement exercises and capture creativity with fluidity.

Yoga Asanas for Swadhisthana Energy

Utkata konasana: Your feet should be wider than your hips. The toes slightly turned out. Knees bent, lower your hips. Bring your palms up to the heart and push the inner thighs with your elbows.

As you exhale, lower your hips to the floor and open the sacrum.

Matsyasana: Lie down on your back and zip up your feet, knees, and thighs. Place your hands palm-side down under the sacrum or the upper thighs. Forearms should be pressed down to raise the chest, and the head can fall back to rest on the ground.

Weight your hands and forearms. Deeply inhale to expand the chest. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths. Come out of the pose by pressing your forearms onto the mat, lifting the chin to the chest, and then gently laying down on your back.

Have you got a blockage at your swadhisthana?

Here are some questions you can ask to determine if your sacral Chakra is blocked or out of balance:

  • Am I willing to accept positive change?
  • Do I crave sensations or experiences?
  • Am I too emotional in my life? Too negative?
  • How can I be fearless but not reckless?
  • Feeling overwhelmed or swamped is a common feeling. How can I ground myself?

Use essential oils or the Swadhisthana yantra as a meditation tool to balance and stimulate this energy center.

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