Springtime wellness with Marma and Acupressure

Springtime can be a wonderful time to enjoy the sun, budding flowers, and longer days.

However, this season can bring allergies, changes to digestion, skin problems, and other imbalances that we didn’t expect. There are many ways that ancient wisdom traditions such as Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine can help you to calm and remedy any Springtime wellness issues. We can now incorporate these practices into our daily lives for better physical and emotional health. Continue reading to learn how to clear congestion and improve your energy levels.

Health: Ancient perspectives

Like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda (TCM) aims to live in harmony and balance with nature. They change daily routines to suit the seasons and pay attention to different body parts throughout the year. Ayurveda says that spring is governed by Kapha energy. Kapha is one Ayurvedic dosha, and it consists of the qualities of growth, abundance and softness.

The benefits of balanced Kapha energy are many. It allows us to heal and feel strong, has a well-lubricated joint, good reproductive health, and a calm loving, caring attitude. However, too much Kapha energy can lead to lethargy and water retention, congested sinuses and congested lungs, unintended weight gain and puffiness, unintended mood issues, attachment problems, low mood levels and the need to hoard or comfort eat. These issues are possible during Kapha season. It’s important to learn how to manage this energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views spring as the season of Wood. It is the time when abundance, fertility and creativity are all harnessed. TCM states that the liver and gallbladder function at their peak during spring, making it the ideal time to decongest sinuses, care for the lungs and get lymph and blood moving. It’s also the best time to release anger, resentment, frustration, and long-held grudges.

Ayurvedic doctors or acupuncturists are great for checking in with you to see if you’re out of balance and to help you optimize your mind-body health this spring. To maintain balance, you can use marma or acupressure points as self-care.

Five key Marma and acupressure points to springtime wellness

Acupressure Point CV17

Run your fingers along your sternum until you locate a small hollow at the bottom. This is the ‘conception vessel 17’. It plays an important role in the energy of your lungs. This can help clear the lungs of mucus and open the chest. It can also help increase the ability to take deep, full breaths.

The Hridaya Marma point & Thymus Thumping

This point is linked to Anahata, the heart chakra. It also regulates blood flow, lymph, prana and prana. This point can be found by pressing down on your sternum. Tap on this point to stimulate your thymus gland. This is known as the “thymus thump” practice. Tapping on this point can calm the nervous system, increase mood, and strengthen the immune system by releasing ‘T” cells.

Acupressure Point “UB2” or “Zan Zhu”

These points are located at the inner edge of each eyebrow. These points can be used to relieve headaches or clear sinus problems. You can press your index fingers onto the points to open your nose slowly.

Nabhi Marma Point

Nabhi, the key marma point for increasing digestive power, is located at your navel. It is believed to be the starting point for the entire system nadis, which are channels carrying prana throughout your subtle body. Use your fingers to gently massage the navel in a clockwise circular motion to stimulate digestion.

Talahridaya Marma Point:

The center of the hand controls the body’s subtle energy. Many healers, reiki practitioners, or bodyworkers rub their hands to activate energy flow before each session. Place your thumb in the middle of the palm opposite and press down for increased energy flow. To clear your respiratory system, add eucalyptus oil or camphor oil.

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