What is the proper way to clean a yoga mat?

Yoga is not about the accessories, but when you finally invest in your first yoga mat, it’s special. So much goes on between you and the mat; you take on a whole inner journey on your mat, and it’s always there for you. So it’s a given that you want to always be there for it, too.

What’s the best method to clean a yoga mat and keep it in mint shape?

Yoga: Before and after each yoga practice

It is easy to maintain your mat so that it remains as new as possible for as long (and smell-free) as possible.

Keep yourself clean before yoga. Your mat will absorb dirt more easily during the summer when you’re walking around barefoot. It is important to wash your feet and hands before practicing.

After your yoga session, you can wipe your mat with a damp cloth. Then, use a ready-made mat cleaner and lightly spray it onto the fabric. Concentrate on the areas where the hands and feet touch the mat the most. Before you roll up the mat, make sure it is completely dry.

Yoga Mat Cleaning: How to Clean the Mat?

You’ll have to clean your mat occasionally. If you regularly practice, you might do this every month.

Use the directions provided to thoroughly clean your home with a ready-made cleaner. You can also create your own cleaning solution.

You can make your cleaning solution by adding a teaspoon of dish soap or another mild detergent to 3.5 liters of water. If the mat is extremely dirty, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda.

You can either use a spray bottle or keep the mixture in the sink to be used from there. Use a spray bottle or a sponge to scrub your mat with the solution gently. Avoid using anything that could scrape the surface.

Rinse the mat by soaking it in the shower or running it under enough water. If soap residue remains on your mat, you will slide around during the next class.

If the mat gets wet, you can hang it up to dry in a place with enough space. You can hang it in the shower or on a door. Roll it up with a towel and let the moisture out. The mat can then be left to dry.

Don’t store your mat in a rolled-up state, even when it is dry. Let it breathe every so often. Don’t let it sit in the sun all day. It will dry out the mat.

Some people swear it’s ok to wash your mat in cold water with no spin cycle. Double-check with the mat’s manufacturer if you are tempted. If in doubt, do not.

It’s important to maintain your mat, whether you are inseparable from it or only meet it occasionally. Like any other household chore, a regular cleaning routine is important to keep your mat clean.

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