Advanced Yoga Joes Green Army Men get a yoga makeover

Dan Abramson, toy inventor and socially conscious entrepreneur, put a fresh spin on the green toy soldier that we all love. Abramson’s Yoga Joes depict soldiers peacefully performing yoga poses. Abramson’s green plastic army now has recruits, the advanced Yoga Joes.

Abramson, a friend, and I went to Sedona in Arizona to celebrate the additions. We also wanted to see if the red rocks of the area and the famed energy vortexes could affect the plastic yogis. Abramson said that it made them look amazing. See their photos below.

Abramson’s idea for the first Yoga Joes was born in 2013 after his successful business venture, Brogamats. He began to think of ways to promote Yoga to men and boys while having coffee with his friend. It was him. Why not create green soldiers in yoga poses?

Abramson collaborated with yoga instructors, designers, and engineers, as well as Connected Warriors, a nonprofit that offers yoga therapy programs for veterans and service members, to make the Yoga Joes look authentic and anatomically correct.

Yoga Joes have been sent into the world after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their motto? Their motto?

People of all ages loved this non-violent toy. I created Yoga Joes in order to encourage more men, boys, and military personnel into yoga. It turned out to have a big effect!” Abramson told DYY. The Kickstarter that I ran two years ago was well received by the huge yoga/military communities I had no idea existed. A military yoga complex!

The Advanced Yoga Joe in Lotus Headstand balances with real ease!

Yoga Jane is a new addition to the Yoga Joe’s Army in response to requests from women soldiers. She has been pictured in a scorpion position.

Peacock PoseĀ is a pretty daring pose, but Advanced Yoga Joe is up for the challenge.

Yoga Joes are popular with fans who find that they make great gifts for military personnel, yogis ,and their loved ones. We can’t help but smile when we see them!

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