Why you should practice inversions daily

It’s fun to turn upside down, whether you do a handstand or a forward fold. Inversions are great for your health, both physically and emotionally.

Head-down-bums-up brings playfulness to our bodies and minds. It also improves our heart health and metabolism. We feel better and have more focus. Remember that “inversion” does not mean only handstands. Inversion includes any position where the head is lower than your heart.

Here are a few reasons why you should practice inversions and turn upside-down every day:

Relaxation and relief from stress

The Forward Fold, like the Rag Doll Pose, encourages the body to calm down as our central nervous system balances our fight-or-flight reaction. This reduces cortisol, which can cause excessive stress and anxiety.

The initial panic that can be felt when doing inversions such as headstands or handstands is gone, but there’s a calmness and peace to the whole thing.

Build Concentration

It takes a lot of concentration and focus to stay upside-down in a balancing position, such as a Standing Split or forearm stand. This will improve your ability to focus in other situations.

Improve circulation of lymph and blood.

When you raise your feet above your heart, lymphatic fluid drains. This allows the circulation of blood and fluids to be reset. Good circulation is essential to your health. It could be something as simple as Legs Up The Wall. This feels great after a day of walking. Or perhaps Shoulder Stand.

Productivity Increased

If you are at work, a Down Dog or straddle folding will be effective. The idea is to bring fresh blood into the brain. This technique has two functions: it increases energy by bringing more oxygen to the brain, and it also improves brain function by activating new neurons in the brain. Ideal for students or when working on a difficult project.

Strengthen shoulders

Any variation can achieve this strengthening action. It is important not to rest your entire weight on your head.

Balance Hormone production

The glands (pituitary and thyroid, among others) that help to produce and maintain hormones all benefit by turning upside down.

Your body, whether you’re male or female, runs on hormones that balance your mood, skin tone, muscle strength, bone health, and metabolism.

Change Your Attitude

Inversions, as mentioned above, will calm you down, reduce your anxiety, and increase your productive energy. This will not only change your mood but also your perspective and allow you to gain clarity in any situation.

Even if you don’t agree with the majority of views, it is important to understand all sides to an idea, opinion, or situation. It is important to be able to see all sides of an idea, opinion, or situation, even if you disagree with most of the viewpoints.

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