A Study Finds That More Men Are Doing Yoga

The phrase “yoga practitioners” conjures up images of young, petite women in pretzel-like positions.

There are male yogis as well. Their numbers are also increasing. If you haven’t already noticed, more and more males are taking up Yoga and enjoying it.

Breaking Stereotypes

Challenging. Hardcore. Intense.

Yoga is not commonly associated with these words, but it’s all of that and more. As any yogi can tell you, it’s also incredibly rewarding and uplifting.

Yoga was perceived up until recently as too easy, “spiritual,” and (gasp!) feminine. Yoga is a feminine activity.

A recent study has shown that traditional attitudes towards Yoga among men are changing. According to the Yoga in America Study, more men are taking up Yoga. In the United States, 28 percent are men, up from 17,8 percent in 2012. This is 10 million male yogis.

Why are men taking up Yoga?

It’s mainly because of the benefits of Yoga to physical and mental health. These include increased flexibility, better mental focus, and pain relief. The social benefits of Yoga also play a role in its sudden rise in popularity amongst men.

Yoga and Dating – A match made in Heaven?

Joseph Alpern is a musician who also practices Yoga. He told the New York Post that “[!yoga!” “[!yoga!] It shows confidence.” He added that he doesn’t hide his yoga practice from the women he is dating. Alpern also believes that being a yogi indicates that you are interested in living a healthy life and being fit. This is helpful if you want to find a partner who shares your interests and values.

It may also help to dispel the idea that Yoga is only for women. Lebron James and Kevin Garnett are only a few of the many examples.

Men are attracted to yoga studios that promote inclusivity and diversity. They want a safe, welcoming environment where they can bend, stretch, and meditate without judgment.

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