Four Grounding Asanas for the Muladhara chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae, the muladhara (root chakra) is the energy center for grounding, finding sMuladhara, and being able to trust yourself and others.

A balance here may be caused by financial stress, a move, or difficulty in establishing relationships. You can ask yourself these questions:

Do I have problems with my physical health?

Does money cause me stress or anxiety?

Is it difficult to maintain a disciplined routine?

Do I have difficulty concentrating?

If you answer “YES” in three or more cases, this may indicate that there is a blockage of imbalance within the Muladhara. There are some simple changes you can make to bring joy and balance into your life.

Start by practicing healthy eating habits. Find stillness through a regular practice of meditation. Take time to enjoy nature. Tell a loved-one that you trust and enjoy their company after practicing the loved one.

Last but not least, you can enjoy prosperity by saving money – even if only $50 per month – in a savings account.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for finding balance in your body. This simple pleasure is often overlooked. Scents are a powerful way to connect memories and emotions. They also flood our bodies with neurotransmitters, which can cause stress, hunger, and antibodies.

Imagine the aroma of apple pie baking. You can almost smell the apple pie just by thinking about it. What does it make you feel like? You may have a variety of memories and emotions associated with this scent.

It is also true that essential oils can be used therauputically. Peppermint oil is known to reduce stress and ax and help the mind. Lavender promotes calmness and relaxation.

We aim to center Muladhara by focusing on the emotions of anxiety and fear. Lavender, Palmarosa, and Geranium can calm anxiety. Chamomile can help relieve fear.


Muladhara’s symbol is a lotus flower with four petals. It is associated with red and the Earth element. A downward-facing triangle is in the center.


The root chakra can be found at the base of the spine, in the pelvic floor and between the genitals. The root chakra is the source of sexual power in men, while a woman’s energy comes primarily from her second chakra (sacral).

Grounding Yoga Poses

Asanas that provide a solid base and support will awaken and balance your Muladhara Chakra. Here are four yoga poses that will get you started.

Mountain pose (Tadasana)

 Stand tall and with your feet together. Zip up your inner thighs, ankles and knees. As you lift your arches, apply equal pressure to all four corners. Lift the toes and spread them out, then place them gently down.

When the legs are straight, release the knees. Straighten your spine, and bring the crown of your head up towards the sky. Reach the sacrum down towards the ground. The palms of your hands are facing forward with fingers spread wide. Close your eyes and hold it for 5-10 minutes.

Warrior One (Virabhadrasana 1)

Stand wide apart with your feet, toes facing forward and the back toes at 45 degrees. Square your hips to face forward.

, The front foot and the back foot should be equally rooted. Make a 90-degree bend at the knee of the front leg. Straighten shoulders and hips, then lift arms up to the sky with biceps at the side of the ears.

Close your eyes, and try to find stability. Hold for five to ten breaths.

Lotus (Padmasana)

 Sit down. Bring one ankle to the top of the opposite leg, the sole of the shoe touching the crease in the hip. Relax your hips and knees.

Cross the legs, with the ankles held up. Straighten your spine and relax your hand in mudras on the knees or in the lap. Close your eyes, and hold the position for 5-10 deep breaths.

Yoga Squat/ Garland Pose(Malasana)

Stand up tall and with your feet slightly apart. Turn your heels inward and toes slightly outward. Reduce the hips, bending the knees deeply.

Hands up in prayer, elbows on inner thighs. To open your hips, press the inner thighs with your elbows. Close your eyes and straighten the spine. Hold for five to ten breaths.

Our basic survival issues involving trust, health, nourishment, family, money, and appropriate boundaries lie within the muladhara chakra. This energy center is close to the earth, helping uMuladharaounded and safe.

When we are balanced, we can be confident and still. We enjoy good health.

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