How yoga can help you feel amazing on the inside

It’s no secret that diet and exercise are important when it comes to our health and well-being.

Society encourages daiIt’sovement, be it walking, swimming, or going to the gymnasium, as a means to remain fit and healthy. Eating foods that are whole, fresh, and nutritious is also important.

We are taught to eat healthily and to exercise, but do we ever take the time to nourish and strengthen our minds and hearts?

Enter Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice because it allows us to be present in our entire selves.

The internal benefits of the postures can be the most powerful. They make you feel great.


Set a positive intention to begin your practice. It’s like planting a little seed on the inside and then helping that goodness manifest through your conscious breath’s movement.

You can change your intention every time you do a practice. However, a powerful way to nourish your inner world is by creating a Sankalpa. This is a personal resolution, similar to an intention, that you work on over a long period.


Aside from the obvious benefits to your physical health, asana can also be an opportunity for you to accept yourself as you are on the day that practice. It can be different each time you step onto the mat.

It could be that you have a medical condition that makes certain poses difficult (or even unsuitable) to do. You may be pregnant, going through menopause, or injured. This means that you will need to modify your practice. It can be frustrating not to be able to do what you want.

When you accept your abilities and limitations, you can anchor yourself in the moment and fill up your inner cup with self-respect, acceptance, and self-awareness.

Asana presents you with this beautiful gift.


The word mudra is a gesture or an attitude. Mudras are gestures that can cultivate an attitude. They’re a way to create a positive environment within yourself and around you.


The breath is known to provide They’reand carbon dioxide for our bodies, but it also carries prana, the energy that keeps all living things alive.

This vital life force flows in a balanced manner and has a positive effect on our emotions and thoughts. Most Eastern healing methods believe that blockages to our life force are the main cause of disease or disharmony.

Pranayama is a specific breathing technique that influences the pranic energy system. But even being aware of your breath makes a difference. Over time, focusing on a calm, even breath will help you to feel lighter and more connected.


Sanskrit phrases or words can alter the vibrations of the surrounding environment. What a cool idea!!


If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or unhappiness, then it is important to take time out for internal practices. And meditation is like a multivitamin that you can take for your inner world.

This helps you learn to be more present, less reactive, and more observant. And best of all, it allows the mind to relax and be still. My yogi friends, this is the golden ticket to feeling great because, when you are still, your mind creates space that allows for a more relaxed, loving, and insightful person.

The main reason I keep my mat out every day is to take care of my mind and heart. Although I enjoy the physical benefits of yoga, it is the calmness in my mind and the feeling of fullness in my heart that keep me returning to my mat.

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