Yoga Poses to Release Tension from Your Hips after a Stressful Day

After a long and exhausting day, tension in the hips can lead to severe mental stress. When our hips become clogged, we can feel extra anxious and moody.

Allow yourself to slowly de-stress your body. Play some Bon Iver and light a candle. Then, roll out your mat somewhere that you feel calm, grounded, and at peace.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Reclining Angle can be used at any time of the day. This is especially true when your mind is racing, or you are tired. For added stress relief, a bolster or pillow can be used. Slide the pillow under the spine to support the upper back and chest.

Bring your soles together while lying on your back. Let your knees open. You may find that widening the diamond will help you if your hips are feeling tight.

Allow the arms to be comfortable. Place one hand on the heart and another on the belly if you feel distant. If you feel overwhelmed, place your arms at the sides with palms facing upwards.


A Squat A Day Keeps Stress Away! Malasana reveals hip tightness. Ancient yogis would eat all of their meals in this posture. Squatting is more difficult as we are accustomed to sitting in chairs. Be patient and practice.

Step your feet out to the edges of the mat, facing forward. Don’t hesitate to step wider if you have tight hips. Turn your toes. Sit low and bend your knees. You can wiggle your feet around. Maybe they need to be wider or open.

In a prayer, bring your hands up to the heart. Use your elbows to open the legs and press the thumbs in. You should find a comfortable place to rest for ten long breaths. Control your thoughts. Take deep inhales and outhouses.

Warrior II

A proud and fierce posture that activates control and strength. Keep this wide, grounded pose when the mind is stressed.

Step your right foot up and down between your hands. Spin your back heel. Your front heel should be parallel to the arch of your rear foot. Press into the back pinkie.

Keep the right knee stacked over the ankle and bend low until the front thigh reaches parallel to the ground. Open your arms wide and long. As you breathe long and open, let your shoulders roll down, with your eyes facing forward. Continue to hold your breath for five long breaths. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side.


Triangle Pose is a surprising addition I always include when working with people who have tight outer hips. (And I don’t even know it.

Same setup as Warrior II. Step forward the right foot with the front arch bisecting it with a wide stance. Straighten your front leg this time. As you reach your arms out wide and jut your hips to the back of the classroom, slowly tilt your torso towards the floor with your right hand.

Press your energy into the top and bottom of your feet. As your right thigh presses against your right hip, slightly tuck your tailbone under you. To activate your outer hips, pull up on the right kneecap. Repeat the same motion on the opposite side.

Cow Face Pose

Another deep stretching for your outer hips. This stretch twists and squeezes.

Stack your right leg on top of the left from a seated posture. Push your heels away and flex your feet to align your heels with your knees. As you stretch your spine, keep your sit bones firmly on the floor. As you lean forward, tilt your hips and stay here. Relax your outer hips and release the sensation. Repeat on the opposite side. Stay for ten breaths.

Pigeon Pose

You’ve waited for it.

Swing your left leg backward from a seated posture. Try to keep your heel aligned with the knee when you flex your right foot. The back foot should be in line with your left hip.

Fold forward over your shin by pressing your legs into the floor and lifting your spine. Hands can be used to make a pillow for the forehead if the hips are too tight. On the inhale, lengthen your spine. Exhale deeper.

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