Goat Yoga: It’s Real and Awesome!

In general, yogis are adventurous people.¬†Yoga in blistering heat? We’re up for it.¬†Posing in exotic locations? Sign us up! It’s no surprise that some yogis are finding even more creative ways to diversify and grow their practice.

The addition of goats to yoga classes (yes, real goats) made it more relaxing and fun for all involved (including goats).

Get in touch with your inner child.

Lainey is the owner and operator of No Regrets Farm, located in Albany, Oregon. Morse, originally from Michigan, has been living in Oregon for over a decade. She hosts events and parties on her farm.

Heather Ballenger Davis was a yoga teacher who held her daughter’s birthday on Morse Farm. This is when the idea of Goat Yoga began. Davis said that the beautiful view of the Oregon Coast Mountains from the farm would make it the ideal place for a yoga session.

Davis presided over the first Goat Yoga class in the field behind No Regrets Farm. It was a big hit. Morse, who has since scheduled more classes, is a big fan.

What is goat yoga?

You won’t find any goats doing downward-facing dogs. Goat Yoga’s yoga portion is only for humans. Some of the cute furry animals do like to take naps on mats, even if a human is on it.

In a typical Goat Yoga class, students enjoy the stunning views while receiving affectionate nuzzles by passing goats as well as the resident barn cat and chickens. There are some inconveniences (keywords: pellets), but Goat Yoga participants take them in stride. It’s part of the experience.

The classes look like they are relaxing and fun despite the humorous images that “Goat yoga” conjures up. Morse, Modern Farmer: “My goats are very peaceful animals. Everyone who comes over leaves happy and stress-free.” When they chew their cud, it’s like they enter a meditative mode. It’s soothing to watch. And it’s great to combine with Yoga.

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