Yoga in the 21st Century – 8 New Yoga Styles to Try

Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Restorative, Bikram… there are so many different styles of yoga to choose from!

You might not be aware of some of the new and exciting yoga styles that you can do outside of your studio. Here are some trailblazing styles of yoga that have brought this ancient practice to the 21st Century.

Horseback Yoga

Although it may not yet be a popular trend, Horseback Yoga(tm) is gaining in popularity! Horseback Yoga ™ is what it says, and it “teaches you to unite with an equine in a meaningful manner, by calming your thoughts, conscious breathing and heightening your awareness.”

If you want to try something new and exciting, then check out this Horseback Yoga.

Aerial Yoga

It’s not hard to understand why aerial yoga has become so popular in recent years. Inverting with ease and feeling weightless is a dream for many.

Unnata Aerial Yoga is the originator of Aerial Yoga. It’s a traditional asana yoga class where a hammock suspended from the ceiling helps you achieve many traditional floor postures. The hammock can support your body in different ways. Sometimes, it will only partially support you, while other times, the hammock will fully support you.

Laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga, developed by Indian doctor Madan Kataria, is spreading around the globe at light speed.

Laughter Yoga is a form of yoga that uses laughter and Pranayama breathing to oxygenate your brain and lower stress. It will leave you feeling happy and smiling.

Hoop Yogini

Yoga and… hula hoops? That’s right! Hoop Yogini’s yoga style will help you unleash your inner child through a combination of hula hoops and yoga.

The website states that “the circular nature” of the hoops encourages freedom of movement, conscious daydreaming, and improved range of motion. According to their website, “the circular nature of the hoop gently encourages movement, freedom of expression, conscious daydreaming (a lost art for most adults!) and improved range-of-motion.”

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, also known as SUP yoga, has become popular in recent years. SUP yoga is challenging and fun. It’s perfect for summer days.

SUP yoga is done on a stand-up paddleboard in a still pool of water. You will need to learn a new way to move and balance to compensate for practicing on water. If you live near water, try it on vacation or at a local SUP Yoga place.

Slackline Yoga

Slackline Yoga is the closest thing to X Games for yoga (for now).

Slackline Yoga is not easy to do, whether it’s on a piece of 1-inch webbing lightly tensioned in between two trees or at more extreme locations. While difficult, it can be learned with persistence. It requires a lot of concentration.

Check out YogaSlackers for some incredible Slackline Yoga inspiration.


Love the feeling of community and connection that yoga brings? AcroYoga might be your thing.

AcroYoga involves a partner, in which a “flyer,” or person performing the practice, relies on their “base” for support and to help them flow through a sequence. AcroYoga combines the best of acrobatics and yoga with a little bit of trust.

Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga is the gentlest of the cool new styles. If you are limited by your mobility or on the mat, jump in the pool to try it!

Aqua yoga adapts the asanas and principles of yoga to the water, resulting in a refreshing experience. The same benefits as a mat-based class can be experienced while your muscles and joints are being treated gently. This helps to keep your body in top shape and working order.

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