Sukhasana, or Easy Pose, has many benefits.

Sukhasana can be found at one point or another in nearly every yoga practice. Sometimes, it is called a Decent Pose.

This posture, regardless of its name, is an excellent alternative to the Full Lotus Pose and is also a good place to rest during breathing exercises, meditation, or intention setting.

Sukhasana has many benefits on its own, regardless of what you pair with it. Here are a few of them:

Find tranquillity and stillness.

Use this pose to calm yourself down when you are facing a difficult situation. You can also add a breathing technique or a mantra to your meditation practice.

Stretch out the outside of your knees.

This crisscrossed seat promotes open knees, which is a problem area for many, especially if you sit at your desk or drive for a long time each day.

Open your ankles.

This posture slowly opens the ankles. If Child’s Pose hurts your ankles, or if you feel strain on your ankles when you cross-legged sit, you may have tight ankles.

Sit on a cushion to relieve some of the pressure as your ankles open. You will notice that your ankles will open up with time, and you can sit deeper.

Promote groundedness

You will feel more grounded if you inhale to lift your chest and exhale to bring the sitting bones to the ground.

Unlock your hips.

Sit in this position for 5-10 mins daily. Switch your feet halfway over to equalize the stretch. Place blocks under your knees and lower the height to allow gravity to open your hips.

The muscles of the spine and back should be lengthened.

Better posture is achieved by sitting up tall, spreading your collarbones apart, and lifting your heart. Anchor your seat through the backrest to open the spine and widen the muscles of the lower back.

You can reduce the strain if you’ve had a previous severe back or knee injury. Sit on a blanket folded in half or use a bolster to lower your knees. Try leaning back against a wall or see if you feel better leaning slightly forward.

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