Double Pigeon Pose or Fire Log Pose

The Fire Log pose (Agnistambhasana), also called the Double Pigeon pose or Square pose, is a deep, hip-opening posture. It’s not called the Fire Log pose for anything–it generates internal heat and can feel intense around the groin and hips.

Fire is a powerful element that can be intense, but it is also creative and renewing. Try it and let the inner fire of this pose purify and restore you.

The Fire Log Pose: Benefits

It’s a hip-opening position that stretches and stimulates internal organs. This pose is particularly beneficial for those who sit all day. It releases and opens up the hips.

Step by Step

Begin in Dandasana by sitting straight with your legs in front of you. You can either fold a blanket under your hips or roll the half of your yoga mat in order to raise your hips.

Fold your left leg under your right knee. Place your right heel on top of your left knee. Now, your shins should be stacked like two fire logs. Check that your knees are not in pain or strain.

Keep your shins parallel with the front of the mat.

Inhale and straighten your spine. Make sure that your lower back does not round.

Keep your fingers or hands on the floor beside you.

If you feel comfortable, start bringing your upper body forward. Bring your upper body to the legs while keeping your back straight. Please keep your hands on your legs or place them on the floor.

Continue to hold the position for 6-8 breaths. Then, slowly move into Dandasana. Repeat the opposite side.

Tips and Modifications

If your hips do not open up, you will feel tension in your legs. When the pressure is transferred from the hips to our knees, if the hips aren’t open, we could end up damaging them. We never want to strain or stretch our knees!

Modify the pose if you feel pain or strain in your knees.

Avoid this pose if you have a serious knee injury.

If your hips feel tight, take some blankets or blocks next to you. Feel the pose in the inner groins and thighs, not at the knees.

Place a block on your left shin. Lift your right foot and place it on the block, not the knee. This will reduce the pressure on your knee while opening up the hips.

If your knee is in the air, you can place a towel between the upper leg and the lower leg to support it. The bottom knee should be lifted from the floor.

Sit on a chair if your hips are very tight. Do one leg at a time. It’s the same benefit, but less strain on your knees!

You can do this if you have a lot of flexibility. This will increase the opening of the hips.

Fire Log or Double Pigeon poses require a deep external hip rotation, which is more natural for some people than others. Listen to your body, and show love towards your knees. This pose takes time to build, which is a great reminder to let go of the results and enjoy the process.

Don’t worry about where your knees are or how close you are to the floor. Remember that it is the process that counts.

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