Dancer pose yoga

Step by step

  • Start inĀ Tadasana/ Mountain Pose.
  • Focus on a point at eye level and press firmly through your feet.
  • Hold the outside of the foot with your left hand as you exhale. To strengthen your standing leg, firm up the right hip and tighten the right thigh.
  • As you inhale, push the left foot back into the hand. Raise the leg so that the thigh bone is parallel to the floor and the lower portion is at a right angle with the thigh bone. Inhaling, place the left foot into your hand and raise the leg vertically with the floor. The thighbone should be parallel to the floor. You can submit your right arm in front of yourself, parallel to the floor or slightly higher near the ear.
  • Keep your breath for five to ten minutes.
  • Release the leg when you exhale. Repeat the same on the opposite side.

Beginners’ Tips

  • You can do this pose near the wall if your balance improves.
  • You can use a belt to help you achieve the whole expression. The belt should be looped around your left leg. The strap should come over your shoulder at the back. Walk your hands along the belt with elbows pointed to the ceiling and hands behind the back. Slowly lift the foot.


  • Strengthens feet, ankles, and legs. It also supports the core, arms, back, and core.
  • It opens the front, chest, abdomen, and shoulders.
  • Balance and concentration are improved.

Watch out for

  • Do not lock the knee on the leg that is standing. To avoid this, you can maintain a slight bend in your knee.
  • This is a powerful backbend. Ensure you’re properly warmed up by syncing this pose with other backbends such as LocustĀ and Bow Pose.


  • Holding your bent leg with two hands will increase the opening of the chest. You will need to have a good balance for this.
  • Try holding your foot on the inside. This will change the stretch of the shoulder a little.


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