Yoga Poses for National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month, a month-long celebration to raise awareness about yoga’s many benefits and encourage a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Teachers and studios will be encouraged to host free yoga classes and events for the community throughout the month. This initiative is coordinated by the Yoga Health Foundation – a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading awareness about the benefits of yoga. Over 1,500 local studios will offer a week of free yoga for anyone new to yoga. There are also 1,000+ events planned across the country.

This is the eighth year that millions of yogis will celebrate their love of yoga around the world. To celebrate, we have eight classic postures of yoga. They feel great.

Easy Seated Pose

Sit with your legs propped up on a blanket. Slide your feet until your heels are underneath the opposing knees. Your inner groins should drop between your legs. Lengthen your spine, and lift your sternum lightly. Exhale to soften the skin and inhale to expand your torso.

Cat-Cow Pose

Start by starting on all fours, with shoulders over wrists and hips under knees.

On an inhale, begin the cow motion by dropping your belly, raising the heart and tailbone, and looking upward. Pull the low belly towards the spine by exhaling, pressing away the mat with your hands and your knees. Round your spine to the ceiling while looking into your belly.

Continue inhaling and exhaling while moving your spine.

Downward Facing Dog

Down Dog is a classic yoga pose. Imagine the hundreds of thousands who will be practicing Down Dog in yoga studios around the world this month.

As you stand on all fours, place your hands as wide as the outer shoulders and slightly forward. Make sure your wrist creases and index fingers are straight ahead.

As you lift and lower your hips into Down Dog, tuck your toes into your shoes and press your fingers into the inside edges of your palms. Keep your knees slightly bent and press your hip creases forward. Broaden your collarbones while elongating from your tailbone to the crown of your head.

Warrior II Pose

Turn your right leg 90 degrees out while standing with your feet parallel and your hands on your hips. Your right knee should be bent in a square. Align your knee with your ankle bone and keep your straight back leg.

Lift your sternum and press down with both feet. Exhale, and then extend both arms out. Take five deep breaths while doing Warrior II.

Triangle Pose

Press into the inner edge of your front foot, and then pull your outer right hip to straighten your leg. Lift the side bodies by inhaling.

As you exhale, stretch your right arm and rib cage forward over your right foot. Place your right fingertips outside your right shin, directly below your shoulder, by bending to the right.

Hold for five breaths, then hug your legs inwards towards each other. Press down on both feet and rise to stand. Hold for five deep breaths. Then, hug your legs together, press into both feet and stand up.

Bow Pose

Reach your hands forward and grab your ankles or feet while lying on your stomach. Bring your heels towards your sitting bones.

Spread your ten toes out and hug the inner thighs towards one another. With a firm grip on your ankles or feet, inhale and kick your feet away, lifting your head and upper body off the ground.

Hold Bow Pose while taking five breaths. Exhale, slowly release your body back down to the ground, and lie on your stomach.

Bound Angle Pose

Sitting on the floor or a cushion or blanket with your pelvis elevated, if you have tight hips or groins, bring your bottoms of feet together and let your knees fall to the side.

As you lengthen your torso, release your inner thighs and lower your groins towards the ground.

As you inhale and exhale, walk your hands forward, folding them forward.

Corpse Pose

Lie down on your back and let your legs extend out. Your feet and hips will also roll out a little. Wrap your shoulders under with your palms facing up. Then, release your back into the mat. Close your eyes gently, relax your jaw, and release your breath.

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