Why You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Certification in India

Writing this article brought back many fond memories of my teacher training in Rishikesh. I am ecstatic for you to be thinking about and potentially traveling to India, the birthplace of yoga, for your teacher training!

India has more yoga wisdom to share, whether it’s your first or 27th teacher training.

The Source: Lineage

The Upanishads are a collection of Hindu sacred treatises that literally means “sitting close,” as in sitting as near as possible to a master.

As in the classic telephone game, some things are lost in translation. Therefore, traveling to India to learn the sacred wisdom of yogic philosophy is the best course of action.

There are mountains and beaches.

India has a diverse landscape, from the Himalayan Mountains to the Indian Ocean Coastline.

Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the World. It has direct access to Mother Ganga. Ashtanga students consider Mysore to be the best place to study. Dharamshala, nestled in the Himalayan mountains, is an ideal place to study for those who love the mountains. Goa also has stunning beach views.

Yogi tip: Be aware of the timing and temperature in different areas. In the summer months, southern India can become extremely humid and hot.

Reduced Costs for Teacher Training

The cost of two months of teacher training in India, including round-trip flight, accommodation, food and travel after the training, was comparable to my studies at any local studio. Food and drink are inexpensive.

In 2013, while sitting outside and watching the Mother Ganga, I treated myself to a delicious paneer masala lassi, which cost me about 600 Indian Rupees.

Full Immersion: no PAUSE Button

It is unlikely that India will be your home base if you are going to India to train as a teacher. There is no time for you to pause your routine and return to it.

It is important to be surrounded by people who share your beliefs and immersed in the training. This will help you integrate your lessons into your daily life.

Culture Shock: Coming home can be harder than leaving

I expected a similar experience in the entire country, as I had not traveled before living for six weeks in Rishikesh. In Delhi, however, I was thrown by culture shock when chicken and beer were served at dinner. In Rishikesh, I was used to a strict vegetarian diet and no alcohol consumption.

After the teacher training, I had an opportunity to reflect upon my personal philosophy and practice while traveling within India.

Letting Go: Buh-Bye Ego

The stark reality of poverty strips the ego. The training in India teaches the Yamas and Niyamas as well as the yogic philosophy.

In India, it’s easier to remove the ego, which is what drives the need for expensive yoga clothing and the competition for perfect asanas.

Ayurveda – Subscribe to the Good life

Ayurveda, developed in India over 5,000-years ago, is a system for preventative medicine and healthcare. Ayurveda determines the ideal balance of a person and offers interventions to restore balance.

Learning more about Ayurveda in India is the perfect complement to yoga.

The Power of Patience

Inner peace is achieved by practicing yoga and meditation continuously.

Additionally, driving in India can help you stay calm and patient when dodging carts that are left at a busy intersection or hearing at least 10 different drivers honk at the same.

Connect: Energy from Around the World

You will not only find amazing Indian teachers who can help bring something new home to your country, but you will also have a group of people from around the world that will support you in growing your practice.

I trained with people who came from six continents. I learned new asanas and flows and how studios around the world organize classes and build communities.

Fresh Chai Lattes: Repeat Daily

If you’re still not convinced, here is one more reason to go train in India: the fresh chai lattes.

You can relax outside, sip the best chai lattes in the world for a few rupees. If you are not tempted by the thought of visiting Hindu temples, swimming in the Ganga, or experiencing the powerful and magnetic energy of India, try the chai lattes. They are unforgettable.

You have traveled to India as part of your teacher training. What would be your reasons for going? Comment below to share your thoughts with the community!

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