Teaching Yoga in Australia: A Starter’s Guide

Yoga has spread around the globe, making the practice more accessible than ever and creating opportunities for teachers of all levels to find employment in studios, schools, and retreat centers.

In order to see the world in a different light, learn about new cultures, and travel, I moved to Australia, where I taught yoga for an entire year. I was able to grow as a yoga practitioner and teacher while meeting amazing people.

This guide is a good starting point for any yoga teachers looking to make the move. I will cover how to move to Australia or visit Australia, find a studio that suits you, connect with the local community, and land a teaching position. My tips are applicable to any city. I lived in Brisbane, Australia’s third-most populous city.

Step 1: Research

Australia appealed to me for many reasons. It was an English-speaking nation with many similarities to America and an easy visa process.

After I decided on a country, my next step was learning about it and figuring out a plan. Here is the general approach I recommend.

  1. Macro level: Government websites and tourism boards will give you a good overview of a country and can help you choose where to live. The larger cities have more yoga studios and teaching opportunities. However, beach towns can also be a good option for retreats.
  2. Moving process: Find articles and blogs about the area, expats who are moving there, as well as any information regarding the moving process. I found it helpful to read the personal accounts of Americans who moved to Australia. It was beneficial to me to read personal accounts of Americans moving to Australia.
  3. Yoga Community: Research the yoga and yoga community at your destination. You can find articles in Yoga Journal Australia and similar publications or blogs from local teachers. It is also helpful to read reports about traveling teachers’ experiences and how they found their way.

Step 2: Planning

After you’ve chosen your destination, it’s now time to get into the details. If you plan to work legally, you will need a visa to enter the country. Visas come in different forms. You can find most information online or by calling your local embassy.

Americans aged between 18 and 30 are eligible to apply online for a Work and Travel Visa valid for one year. Online application is easy to complete. If you’re approved, there is a small fee. If you are a foreign national, it may take several weeks to process your application.

After your application is approved, you will have one year to enter the country and activate the visa. The term of one year will start the day after you arrive.

Find a local yoga community.

You’ve finally arrived in Australia …. Find your yoga community and a studio you feel at home in, as well as some teaching opportunities.

While you’re getting over jetlag, try out different classes in different studios. You’ll begin to get a feel for the city’s yoga community as you go. You may find two or twenty various yoga studios in your locality, depending on how big it is. Do not feel obligated to visit every studio. If you instantly find one that speaks directly to your soul, trust your instincts.

Each one should be approached with fresh eyes. Allow yourself to experience yoga differently. If you’re a student or teacher who practices a certain style, it can be not easy to find a new studio, teachers who resonate with you, and a space where you feel comfortable to practice. Allow yourself to transition with ease.

You can always count on your yoga practice, breath, body, and connection with them. Find the commonalities and grounding aspects in the practice while being open to the differences and accents.

Step 4: Find a local yoga community

You may begin researching the local yoga scene as you start to try new teachers and studios. You will be able to find teaching jobs and other opportunities, as well as make new friends as you settle into your new home.

Local yoga studios and teachers will often post information about upcoming events, workshops, and gatherings on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They may also announce job opportunities. Follow the local accounts to get in touch with the community.

Local parks, health-food stores, and sporting goods stores often have bulletin boards for community events.

You can connect with local educators, find out about teaching opportunities or cover jobs in your area, and even post that you want to get a job while you are living there. I joined a Facebook group for Brisbane yoga teachers. Similar groups are found in most cities.

Facebook groups can be closed, and you may need to apply for membership. Introduce yourself to the group administrator by sending a message. You can explain that you are new to the area, what certifications you hold, how long you’ve been teaching, and why you want to join.

Step #5: Find Teaching Positions

My job as a yoga teacher in Brisbane came about after I became a committed student at the studio that I chose and made friends there. I tried to get to know the instructors, other students, and owners. They approached me later, after seeing my post on Facebook, to arrange a demonstration, which led to an offer of a teaching position.

There are many other ways to get a job as a teacher. It’s possible to find a teaching job before you leave home. You can find listings on websites like Monster, Indeed, Craigslist, or even sites devoted to yoga travel jobs.

Ask around to see if any yoga teachers are looking for work, whether it’s a permanent position or a temporary one. You can also search for job opportunities in Facebook groups.

You can create your opportunities if you do not want to work in a classroom or if you cannot find one that is suitable for you. You can start your own business by offering private lessons or classes in public areas such as parks and beaches. You will be able to teach and travel yoga if you feel called to do so.

Are You Ready to Make the Leap of Faith?

The opportunity to move to another country for a full year and to take my teaching and personal practice to a different country opened up many doors to me and helped me grow in ways I never could have imagined. Anyone interested should try it. You don’t have to live in Australia.

Yoga is spreading to every corner of the world, and there are many opportunities to connect with yoga teachers and communities. Even as we travel around the globe, we can find the same love, passion, and appreciation for yoga and its ideas.

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