Seven Yoga Poses to Do While You Read

Instead of measuring my water bottle, I have the names of famous writers on it. I use Goodreads a lot more than Facebook. A friend visited me after I moved and was shocked to see that I had only ten books. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. These were the last items to be sent from my old home.

It was only a question of time until I found a combination that combined yoga with reading. If you want to practice yoga but don’t wish to lose your spot, these seven poses will help.

Sphinx Pose

I always read in Sphinx pose. This small backbend is so satisfying when you are immersed in an interesting story.

Inhale the shoulders up and down your back, then continue reading! Continue reading while inhaling the shoulders and back.

Stay as long as possible or for as many breaths as you like if it’s a particularly juicy section.

Legs up the Wall

Viparita Karaani also a favorite. I could read for hours.

You can lie down on your back by finding an empty wall. Inhale and lift your legs so they rest on the wall.

Be careful not to drop the book.

Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose (also known as Easy Pose), Hero’s Pose, or Hero’s Pose… any seated position will work. It’s the classic reading position!

Come to a comfortable chair before you choose to read Lotus Pose. Take hold of your foot and gently tuck it into the opposite hip fold. Then, do the same thing with the other foot. You should not do this pose if you experience any discomfort or strain in your knees. Instead, try Sukhasana.

You can meditate by reading.

Child Pose

This pose is modified to avoid having your nose literally in a book.

Begin in Downward Facing Dog with your book on the floor. Bring your knees to the floor and place your hips over your ankles. Stretch your arms before you bend your elbows and bring your hands underneath your chin.

Now, get back to your awesome presentation!

Frog Pose

If you have been reading in your favorite chair for too long and your hips are feeling tight, try Frog Pose without grabbing your bookmark.

Start in Table Top Pose and slowly move your legs as far out as you can without straining. It would be best if you had your feet flexed and the inner edges of your feet flat on the ground. Come down gently to your forearms.

Hold on for a few breaths or until you feel the action subsiding.

Supine Twist

Do you find yourself reading a book late at night but can’t stop? I understand that feeling. Try a Supine twist, or, as I call it, the “I Should Stop, But It’s so Good, but I Should Really Set the Book Down Pose.”

As you lie on your back with your knees bent, place your feet flat and your knees bent. As you inhale, raise your knees above your belly and, as you exhale them, lower them to the side. Keep your shoulders grounded. As you put your book on the nightstand, extend your arms and book to the side.

Chair Pose

See what I did? Hah!) Feel the heat! Mountain Pose is a great way to keep your balance without losing your place. Keep your heels apart and bring your toes close together. Imagine that you are trying to fit a small piece of pizza in between your feet. Exhale and bend your knees like you are trying to sit on a chair that isn’t there.

Keep your knees lined up so that neither one moves in front of the other. You can stay here until your legs start to burn or someone brings you a reading chair.

Have you ever tried these poses while reading a book? Do you know of any other yoga positions you can perform while reading? Please share your photos and videos below with us!

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