How to choose a 300-Hour Teacher Training Course for Yoga 

Choosing the best 300-hour Yoga TTC is not always the easiest task. The yoga market worldwide is full of offers—from India to South America, from Phuket to New York…the options are endless.

It’s not just about the school’s reputation or the content but also about how well you plan and organize the event.

Continued from part one in this article series. Here are the other factors to consider when selecting a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course:

Teaching Team

The best educators are made up of different personalities who work together in harmony to serve their students. You can be inspired by the various styles, skills, and nationalities of their teachers.

Everyone is an expert in a few areas, so the more experts you meet from different fields, the better—you’ll have specific, accurate knowledge!

TTC Structure

The program should be logical and strategic. It should have a balance between theory and practicality and a clear structure. You should be able to identify the styles and proportions covered in the course, as well as the concept and idea behind the entire process.

Good schools always consider the teaching methodology. Choose a program that allows you to grow and expand instead of “killing” time to reach 300 hours in any way.

Size of the group

You can have a lot of individual teaching practice hours, and you will have the chance to speak to the teachers directly.

The experience of a course with too many students is anonymous and mechanical. There is no feeling that you are receiving proper supervision.


This is a deep and long process. Make sure you select a centre that is close to where you are comfortable—in terms of weather, accommodations, nature, etc.

You can choose Goa, or if you want mountains, you can pick Himalayas. It would be best if you did not worry about the room, food, or environment. The learning process is difficult enough.


Some schools want to cram 300 hours of TTC into four weeks. If we work 300 hours in 28 days, that’s more than ten working hours a day.

These schools will give you lots of homework or artificial tasks instead of the proper contact hours that Yoga Alliance requires. If you are willing to spend your money and time, why not invest in the full version? The 300-hour program should last at least five weeks to allow you time to learn and digest the information.


It doesn’t matter if it is an advanced course, it shouldn’t be expensive. Quality always costs money. But avoid overpriced courses – these may be run by people who don’t care about yogic values and attitudes but only want to make a profit.

Ask what’s included in the price and what options are available. The Good 300 Hours TTC offers different levels of service for different prices – economy level, exclusive level, and moderate level. This shows that the school tries to meet the needs of all its clients.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to end up at a school where you do not enjoy yourself or gain much knowledge. Although yoga philosophy states that we can learn from anything in life, having the most reliable, inspiring, and friendly teachers is still important for your 300-hour TTC.

What would you add to my list? How did you choose the right teacher training course?

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